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Windows are more than just panes of glass that let light into our homes; they’re design elements, energy-saving tools, and gateways to the world outside. Whether you’re renovating, building anew, or simply curious about window designs, understanding the different types of windows can make a real difference to the feel and functionality of your home.

Here at Plan-it Windows, we’ve specialised in window installations for over a decade. This means we know just about everything you can when it comes to getting the right type of window for a property. So, to help you choose the perfect window for your home, we’ve put together this handy guide to get you started.

What are the different types of windows?

From multiple opening points, to traditional designs, the variety in window types caters to every architectural want and whim. Whether you’re looking to bring a touch of vintage elegance, maximise practicality, or embrace contemporary aesthetics, understanding the different window types is the best starting point. So, let’s get into it.

Sash Windows

A popular option for period homes, sash windows, also known as vertical sliders, effortlessly merge the charm of yesteryears with modern function. While they will add a touch of elegance to any home, it’s not all just about the looks. Sash windows are energy-efficient, come with tilt-in sashes for a fuss-free cleaning and can feature sash restrictors that stop the window fully opening for safety.

Love the sound of this? At Plan-it Windows, we have a full range of both sliding sash and flush sash windows.

Casement Windows

Casement windows are a versatile, functional and visual treat. Crafted from an array of materials to suit your home’s unique character, they are also champions of energy efficiency. But there’s more – you can swing them wide open, letting you flood your home with fresh air.

Tilt and Turn Windows

With ingenious design, tilt and turn windows come packed with features and benefits that cater to the modern homeowner’s every need. The tilt function opens from the top for ventilation, while the turn function creates an inward-opening, side-hung window. It’s the ultimate two-in-one window, and a perfect option if you want extra choice in your home.

Sliding Windows

Sliding windows have a sleek and modern design, effortlessly gliding open and closed with a horizontal sliding mechanism. They even score high on the ease-of-use and energy efficiency scales, making them a great choice for contemporary homes.

Bay Windows

When it comes to adding a touch of architectural flair and functionality, bay windows are a top choice. Comprising several windows arranged in an angular bay, they project out from a home’s wall, creating an inviting alcove. Not only does this add to the looks of a home, but it also gives properties extra floor space.

Skylight Windows

Often referred to as roof windows, skylights flood your rooms with natural light. They tend to be installed on traditional pitched roofs, giving you a view to the sky above your home. They come in a range of various designs, letting homeowners pick a skylight window that caters to their style and needs.

What are single-hung and double-hung windows?

With single-hung windows, only the bottom sash is movable – you can slide it up and down while the top part stays fixed. On the flip side, with a double-hung window you get extra flexibility as both the bottom and top sashes can be opened. This means you can enjoy easier cleaning and more choice for ventilation.

What are egress windows?

Egress windows are safety windows that offer an exit route during emergencies like fires. A window of any design can qualify as an egress window, provided it meets building regulations: it must be at least 450mm in width or height and feature an opening that covers a minimum of one-third of a square metre. Additionally, the window’s base should not go over 1.1 metres above the room’s floor level.

Choosing the right window with Plan-it Windows

From the traditional charm of sash windows to the extra functionality of tilt and turn windows, the choices can seem never ending. If you’re struggling to pick the perfect window for your home, don’t worry – you’re in the right place.

We’ve been in the window business for over a decade and can help you pick a style that matches your home and meets all your needs. Get in touch with our experts today for some no-strings-attached advice and a quote.

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