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Fascias FAQs

What distinguishes a Fascia from a Soffit?

The Fascia is the long, straight board that runs vertically along the lower edge of the roof. Fixed directly to the frame of the roof, Fascia’s are in place to support the lower edge of the bottom row of tiles. On top of all this, all the guttering is attached to the Fascia board.

What tell-tale signs indicate my Fascia’s need replacing?

Overtime general wear and tear is to be expected of any product. More often than not these are of no concern but some strong indicators that they are in need of replacement are as follows:

  • Cracks will begin to show in sections that are broken
  • Peeling paint on the Fascia.
  • Unwanted pests entering cavities to gain access to your roof space

This also applies to Soffits as well

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shot of brown fascia
undershot of roofline showing soffits

Soffits FAQs

What distinguishes a Soffit from a Fascia?

The Soffit is the adjoining horizontal board underneath the Fascia, the most commonly seen part from street level. Traditionally ventilation is applied over this area to allow airflow into the roof area. Without ventilation in place, condensation will form in the empty space of the roof, which will inevitably lead to the degradation of the timber.

Do Soffits need to have ventilation?

Building Regulations 2000 Part C2 stipulate that all newly build properties must have ventilation installed to prevent moisture build up in the roofing space. This does not apply to properties built before the Building Regulations came into rule. We recommend installing them regardless to prevent unwanted structural damage and this can be applied via over-Fascia ventilation or on the Soffit boards themselves

How much maintenance do my Fascia’s and Soffits require?

The Plan-it team supply and fit the highest quality, premium performance exterior PVC fascia, soffit, and guttering solutions which is why our uPVC roofline products require very little maintenance and that’s the best part! To keep them looking their best however we recommend cleaning them with warm, soapy water once every 6 months.

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Cladding FAQs

Will I see a return on investment by replacing my cladding?

When a potential buyer views your home, first impressions are everything. Having tired, outdated, dreary looking cladding will almost certainly affect a buyer’s view of your home. Having a fresh exterior will send off good trust signals to the buyer and make the transaction a lot smoother, it could even add value to your property

How do I know what the right type of cladding is for my property?

This all comes down to personal preference! The best cladding will be the one that compliments your existing architecture and colour scheme the most. On top of this consider your budget and what other plans you have for your home improvement project and choose accordingly. All our cladding is weather resistant and durable and will require minimal upkeep over the year, it's what we call 'fit and forget'.

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Guttering FAQs

Why is my guttering overflowing?

An overflowing gutter usually points towards a blockage in the gutter or downpipe which causes rainwater to congregate and spill over the edges. Common blockages include, silt, mud, sticks, leaves and even plastic bags! Other reasons why your gutter is overflowing could result as of a break in the piping or the formation of gaps in the guttering due to a change in temperature.

How often should gutters be cleared?

Most people check their gutters irregularly and will only clear them out once a problem arises. If you want to prolong the life of your roofline and guttering, you should make a habit of clearing them before a problem builds up as it can put extra strain on the Roofline. Although this can vary from location to location, the natural surroundings around your property will dictate how often you should clear them but as a general rule of good practice, we recommend clearing gutters once every 6 months.

When is a suitable time to clear my gutters?

We advocate looking after your roofline on your property, but it should be exercised with caution. We recommend taking the upmost care when working at height and without the right equipment or if you’re not fully comfortable then you should not proceed. You’ll thank us later for this one, it’s always better to call out a professionally trained service company to tackle the job. If you do choose to proceed, ensure dry and non-windy conditions are met

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