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A lot goes into installing new windows and doors. You’ve combed through your options, found the best price, and talked things through with your professional fitter, and now all that’s left is the installation itself.

To ensure that your new window installation is as smooth as possible there are some things that you need to prepare for us on the day before your new door or window installation process takes place.

Let’s go through some considerations you need to make around your own home before your professional installer even walks in.

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Preparing for installation day

1. Schedule time ahead to install replacement windows

First things first, make sure that you or someone in your home is available for the entire door or window installation.

And how long does it take to fit a window?

On average, installing new windows or doors takes about 2 hours per unit.

With that in mind, adjust your time estimate for each new window and door installation.

If you’re having a couple of windows or doors installed then this usually only takes half a day, Any more than that and you’ll have to make sure that your entire day is free.

Consider booking time off work or scheduling child care to ensure that there are no logistical problems with installing new windows or doors.

2. Clear space in and around your house

During their time at your home, you will need to make space for our installers, both in and outside your home.

Clearing outside your home for a door or window replacement

Let’s start with the outside. For them to do their new door or window installation efficiently, clear out the outside of your home as much as possible. If you have a front drive full of cars, consider parking them elsewhere for the time being so the installers can get their vans as close to your house as possible.

This lessens the distance they will have to carry the window panes or the doors from their vehicles into your home, minimising risk and maximising efficiency when installing your new windows or doors.

If you don’t have a front drive and share a pavement with neighbours, you may have less control over how close your window installers can park to your home. If there isn’t an available spot outside your home, speak with your neighbours to see if they can move their car temporarily. Our team will greatly appreciate it!

Clearing inside your home for door and window replacement

Now that the outside of your home is ready, it’s time to move onto the inside of your house. Unless you have kids or pets that treat the house like a playground or you’re a chronic hoarder of old newspapers, (no judgement either way) then this next step should be easy enough.

Start with clearing the floors. We don’t want any trips happening before or during your window installation – especially when our team is holding a heavy glass pane or door.

Also consider moving furniture to make it easier for the window installer to move around without bumping into things and potentially breaking them:

  • Could a chest of drawers near a door be moved aside?
  • Are there any loose objects that could be at risk of being knocked over?
  • Keep any kids or pets in separate rooms to minimise safety risks.

3. Protect your floors, furniture, and valuables

You may be wondering how messy window installation is. Our team will try to be as neat and non disruptive as possible but you can expect dust and debris to find its way around the rooms near the new fittings.

To make sure that they don’t make their way onto your furniture and valuables, cover them with plastic sheets, tarp or canvas whilst the replacement windows or doors are being installed.

Keep any wooden flooring or carpets in mind, too, dust can get stuck and damage them over time if not protected.
Dust can take some time to settle down after a new window and door installation, too, so give the place a good vacuum afterwards.

4. Clean and clear the area around the window or door

Lastly, make sure the immediate space around the door or window is tidy and clean. This can include several things like

  • Removing curtains or blinds
  • Moving any decorations, objects, or fixtures
  • Disconnecting any alarms attached to windows
  • Dusting and wiping down the window sill
  • Wiping down the surrounding walls
  • Ensuring there’s room for any tools or materials to be placed down nearby

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Suffered a burglary and so needed new French doors ASAP, received a flyer through the door the week before which was lucky, gave them a call, really friendly, really efficient and cheap too, they did everything quickly due to my circumstances. First class Plan-it. Thanks guys

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A friend told me about the service from Plan-it and I give them a ring. They came on time and didn’t take ages, price was really really good and we are over the moon with installation as we was told 3 days and they was done in two. One of best buys I’ve ever made.

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Great set of lads, very thorough and very very friendly, straight forward explained everything dead simple, no fancy jargon or strategies, just good customer service and real easy. Windows look great and the bi-fold is amazing.

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