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Can You Paint PVC Windows and Doors?

Painting a uPVC frame

A common question from our customers is whether you can paint uPVC windows. The answer is yes, uPVC windows and doors can be painted. Many homeowners look to refresh the outside of their homes by adding a new colour to enhance curb appeal.

However, it’s important to note that painting uPVC windows and doors is not a straightforward task and requires careful consideration and proper technique.

It’s also worth bearing in mind that uPVC wasn’t necessarily designed to be painted.

Do NOT Paint New uPVC Windows

When considering painting your uPVC windows, it’s important to note that if they are newly installed, it is not advisable to paint them for at least 12 months. This is due to the presence of resins that come about from the manufacturing process designed to give your uPVC windows a glossy appearance.

The 12 month waiting period allows the surface to settle and ensures better adhesion of the paint.

Why Would You Choose To Paint uPVC Window Frames?

UPVC is a highly durable material and one of the most preferred and cost-effective choices for windows in the UK. With its durability, ease of maintenance, and stylish appearance, it’s no surprise that uPVC windows are widely popular.

However, as preferences evolve, homeowners often seek to update their home’s interior and exterior every few years. At this point, many choose to give their uPVC windows a fresh look by painting them in a different colour. This allows homeowners to customise and revitalise their windows, adding a touch of personal style to their home.

How Should You Paint uPVC Windows and Doors?

One common question people have is whether it’s possible to spray paint UPVC doors and windows. The most recommended method for painting UPVC windows is spraying.

Professionals across the country use this technique as it provides a smooth, professional finish and eliminates streaks and other imperfections that can occur with brush painting. However, it’s important to note that painting UPVC windows requires careful attention and adherence to specific guidelines to achieve a professional finish.

Following our advice diligently is crucial to ensure satisfactory results.

1. Apply Protective Coverings

  • Place protective coverings on window glazing and surrounding areas to safeguard your property during the painting process
  • This ensures that only the UPVC window frames are painted, without affecting the rest of your house

2. Clean Your Windows

  • Thoroughly clean window and door frames to remove debris, dust, and dirt
  • Achieve a deep clean to ensure proper adhesion of the paint and a smooth finish

3. Gently Sand The uPVC

  • Use gentle sanding to create a slightly abrasive surface on the windows
  • This helps the paint adhere more effectively and ensures a smooth and even finish

4. Apply Primer

  • Prior to painting, apply a layer of primer to the window surfaces
  • The primer promotes better paint adhesion and contributes to a high-quality end result

5. Spray Paint Your Windows

  • Start the painting process by applying spray paint to the prepared UPVC surfaces
  • It is recommended to apply a minimum of three coats of paint, possibly more depending on the desired colour and coverage

6. Allow Paint To Dry

  • After completing the spray painting, allow the windows to dry for approximately 30 minutes
  • Inspect the windows to ensure a perfect, smooth layer of coloured paint has been achieved

7. Remove Protective Coverings

  • Once the windows are fully dry, carefully remove all protective coverings
  • Enjoy the sight of your newly painted windows revealed without any obstructions

Are There Any Disadvantages Of Painting uPVC Windows?

Unfortunately, yes. Painting uPVC windows is a complicated process for inexperienced painters, and it is recommended to get a professional in to do the job. The paint will naturally fade, chip and crack over time, and it is hard to maintain. Painting your windows may damage the uPVC itself, and it could affect your home insurance policy, so it’s best to bear in mind that you may just need new windows instead.

Looking for a home improvement expert?

Home improvements are a big decision, so you’ll need an expert you can trust. From uPVC doors and windows to conservatories with tiled roofs – no matter the job, we’ve got hands-on experience in it all. Whether you’re in Bolton, Bury or the Manchester area, give our team a call and we will give your home the perfect finishing touch.


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