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Casement windows have several benefits for any type of property. These versatile windows are the oldest and most popular style in the UK, featuring a hinge on the side (or top for some models), and are available in single or double panels with various configurations.

What do casement windows look like?

White uPVC casement window close up

Casement windows resemble doors, as they are hinged at the side and open outward without a rail, unlike double-hung or sliding windows.

Casement windows can be made from uPVC, timber, or aluminium for a modern look and will suit most property types.

The different types of casement window


  • Side hung – Hinged at the side and swings outwards
  • Single casement – A basic window with one panel, usually side hung
  • Double frame/ French casement – Two panel windows, both side hung with a central mullion (dividing beam) and handles in the centre. Opens outwards to create a large aperture opening
  • Top hung/awning window – Opens from the bottom and is hinged at the top, swinging outwards to keep rain out in wet climates
  • Bottom hung/hopper window – Opens at the top of the frame with a hinge at the bottom, tilt and turn using a bottom hinge. Ideal for apartments and upper floor rooms to allow safe opening.
  • Flush casement – Sleek frame where the window sits flush in the frame when closed. A contemporary finish that is becoming more popular, especially for aluminium frames that have a slim profile
  • Fixed casement – A casement window that doesn’t open. Usually part of a configuration that has window openers on either side. Popular in bay windows.

Are casement windows the best type of window?

White uPVC casement window

While they are versatile in terms of style and function, and offer an energy efficient seal when closed, casement windows are also limited when it comes to size due to weight restrictions of the glass and opening panel hinges.

Casement window parts

If you’re thinking about upgrading your property with new casement windows, it’s useful to know their various components:

  • Window Frame – Holds the window in position, with horizontal head and sill parts and vertical jambs
  • Window Sill – Slanted to direct rainwater away from the window and building
  • Casement – The opening part of the window that secures the glazing with hinges on the side, bottom, or top of the frame
  • Mullion – Vertical supporting strips that divide separate units and are usually made of the same material as the window frame (aluminium, timber or uPVC)
  • Transom – A horizontal supporting strip that divides separate units, similar to a mullion, and is made of the same material as the frame
  • Lock handles – Found on the jamb, with various colours and styles depending on the type of opening (crank and turn or push out)
  • Trickle vents – Added to prevent condensation and increase ventilation, with an outside grill and inside closing vent on the top of the frame.
  • Georgian bars – Fitted to the inside of the unit and made of horizontal and vertical bars to divide the glass into smaller squares, like during the 18th-century Georgian era.
  • Astragal bars – Fitted to a single pane on top, externally and internally, similar to Georgian bars.

How much do casement windows cost?

Chartwell green uPVC casement window

Casement window cost is dependent on several factors, making it challenging to determine an average price. Factors include:

  • Chosen material
  • Style
  • Glazing
  • Finish
  • Other features such as hinges and locking mechanisms

What is a casement picture window?

Commonly used in living spaces with attractive views, casement picture windows are large rectangular windows that cannot be opened, designed to maximise the area of glass and appreciate views.

What is the difference between a casement window and a regular window?

Casement windows have screens attached on the inside, while double-hung windows have screens attached on the outside. This allows casements to swing open while keeping the opening covered by the screen.

Why do people use casement windows?

Casement windows offer excellent ventilation, making them ideal for large rooms or moisture-prone areas like the kitchen or bathroom.

They also have a clean and elegant look that fits any home style and are the most energy-efficient operable window style, thanks to their airtight seal.

Casements maximise beautiful views with slimmer frames, and are easy to operate and maintain with a strong, durable hand crank and easy-to-clean hinge.

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