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Signs That It’s Time To Replace Your Windows

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For many homeowners, the question of “should I replace my windows?” doesn’t come up very often. Depending on the kind of windows your house has you may only be a few years into your windows’ multi-decade-long lifespan.

Windows are essential to the well-being of your home and the people living within it, and if they’re doing their job well you probably won’t even notice. It’s only when they are on their last legs that you start to see the signs to replace windows.

If you’re reading this, it may be because you’re suspicious that your windows are no longer working like they used to, so let’s go over a few of the tell-tale signs that you need replacement windows.

1. Your Windows are Leaking Cold Air

Windows aren’t just great for letting you see the natural light of the outside world, they’re a great insulation tool for your home and help keep the temperature within it as regulated as possible.

Double-glazed windows are especially great at this. The gap of air between panes reduces the amount of cool air seeping in from the outside and traps warm air inside, helping your home stay at the right temperature all year round.

So if there are double-glazed windows that you can feel a draught near, this is a sure-fire sign that there is a serious fault in the window. If you want to ensure that your home is temperate throughout the year but you’re suffering from draughts it may be time to replace your windows.

2. Condensation Between Window Panes

The more outdated single-pane windows are much more prone to condensation due to their lack of insulating properties, but if your double-pane windows are showing signs of condensation, that means you’ve got a real problem.

The main sign of this is an almost “sweaty” look forming at the bottom of your windows and window frames. This is moisture finding its way from either side of the double-glazing into a gap due to seal failure on the windows.

Condensation on double-pane windows at any time of the year shows that your double-glazing is not working to its full potential, and this can only be remedied with a full replacement.

Read our full guide focusing on how deal with condensation in double glazing windows.

3. High Energy Bills

Even if you haven’t noticed any leaks or “sweaty” windows, you may have noticed that you have to keep the heating on in your home for longer to keep it warmer. This may be because cold air is creeping through leaky windows and causing you to compensate for the cooler temperatures by increasing the thermostat.

If they were doing their job, energy-efficient windows would keep warm air in and cold air out for longer, so higher energy bills are a typical sign that you may have leaking windows that need replacing – if not for you, then certainly for your bank account.

4. Noise Pollution From Outside Your Home

Modern windows offer dual protection for more urban dwellers. Not only do they offer better insulating properties for more efficient heating, but the extra layer of insulation between the glass panes helps to reduce sound transfer from the outside world.

If you live in a busy, developed area – or even just near a main road with lots of passing vehicles and pedestrians – and you’re starting to notice that your place of relaxation is being taken over by outdoor noise, it may be a sign of double-glazing failure.

Plan-it Windows supply and fit a range of sound-proof windows.

Windows not working like they used to? Call Plan-it Windows

If you recognise any of these symptoms on your double-glazing, then it might be that they are no longer working for you and it’s time to replace them. Our windows are ultra-energy efficient and high-performing, and our triple-glazing windows option is the best way to enjoy a noise-free and thermally insulated living space.

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