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As the world grapples with the current global crisis presented by COVID-19, it’s easy to feel slightly hopeless and down in the dumps, especially with the current self-isolation situation. Practising social distancing and remaining in your home is the correct thing to do, but your home can begin to feel like more of a prison with so much time spent in it. In order to make your home feel like a nicer place to be and to change up your limited surroundings, we’ve put together our top tips for decorating a home during lockdown.

Don’t be afraid to use DIY for decorations

Obviously we’re only supposed to be making trips out for the essentials like food and medicine at the moment, so one of the best ways to make changes to your home’s interior is to get creative and resourceful. There are plenty of tutorials online that will help you make all kinds of things, from functional improvements like shelves to aesthetically pleasing things like new curtains that will let more light in. Provided you have the right things lying around, substantial changes can be made to your home’s decor without you needing to spend a penny.

Re-organise your belongings for more space and a better aesthetic

If you haven’t taken the time to take a long look at the way you use the space in your home, now might be a good opportunity to do so. Many people just fill their shelving units with as much as they can, without much of a second thought. If you spread out your belongings throughout the home more, you can lose the cluttered feel that your home might currently have. It’s easy to get used to mess if you’ve lived with lots of clutter for a while so it can help to bring in a pair of fresh eyes.

Black Residence 7 Window interior viewRaise your ceiling with some simple visual changes

It’s not uncommon to feel like certain rooms in your home are too small, and with the lockdown in effect they can feel even smaller. It’s possible to create the effect that your ceiling isn’t as low as it actually is by hanging your curtains above your windows rather than in-line with them. This can trick the human eye into thinking that the room is taller than it actually is. Painting a ceiling white can also help reduce feelings of claustrophobia.

Make art and scale existing pieces to your wall

With most people finding themselves with a lot more free time at the moment, why not try your hand at doing some p-ve plenty of art, make sure it’s scaled correctly. You should try and make sure that the centre of an art piece is hanging at eye level, rather than having them too low or too high on the wall.

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Everything spot on

Built 3 houses, was recommended Plan-it by a friend of the family, gave them a try and will be using them again. No hassle, left them too it, everything spot on. Houses look great.

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Really friendly & really efficient

Suffered a burglary and so needed new French doors ASAP, received a flyer through the door the week before which was lucky, gave them a call, really friendly, really efficient and cheap too, they did everything quickly due to my circumstances. First class Plan-it. Thanks guys

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Over the moon with the installation

A friend told me about the service from Plan-it and I give them a ring. They came on time and didn’t take ages, price was really really good and we are over the moon with installation as we was told 3 days and they was done in two. One of best buys I’ve ever made.

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Very thorough & very friendly

Great set of lads, very thorough and very very friendly, straight forward explained everything dead simple, no fancy jargon or strategies, just good customer service and real easy. Windows look great and the bi-fold is amazing.

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