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In our fast-paced world, having a calming place to relax and focus is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. But how do you bring this peace into your home? Enter: soundproofing.

No one likes to get home after a tiring day and, instead of relaxing in peace, be met with blaring horns from the street outside, or the loud chatter of kids next door. Sound familiar?

Here at Plan-it Windows, we know a thing or two about keeping your home a safe and relaxing space. If you’ve got a problem with noise pollution in your home, get in touch and we can figure out a solution.

We’ve put together some handy tips and tricks on how you can close your door (and ears) to the hustle and bustle outside.

Why is soundproofing important?

A quiet space is good for lots of things.

Not only does it give us the quiet we often crave, it also boosts our concentration, helps us sleep better and improves our overall well being. With a soundproofed room, you have a personal sanctuary that gives you an escape from the racket of the outside world.

How sound works

Sound, like water, travels in waves. Whether it’s in conversation, or our favourite music blasted on a speaker, sound travels in waves straight into our ears. But it doesn’t stop there – sound is also reflected, with sound vibrations bouncing off hard surfaces like walls, floors and ceilings.

How do you soundproof windows and doors?

The windows and doors in our homes can be the biggest culprits in letting sound in, especially if they haven’t been updated in a while. Thankfully, there are a number of ways you can soundproof them to keep unwanted noise at bay.

Add weather stripping or door sweeps

Weather stripping may seem like a small solution, but it is mighty. By simply adding foam, rubber or felt around the edge of your windows and doorways, you create a tight seal that acts as a barricade against intrusive noises.

But what about that sneaky little gap along the floor, you ask? A door sweep or an under-door draft stopper can work wonders in sealing off that space. So, next time your neighbours have a lively garden party, you can be sure your home stays tranquil.

Use heavy blackout curtains

Curtains don’t just keep the light out, they do the same to sound too. Look out for ones that are labelled ‘blackout’ or ‘insulated’, as these heavy curtains will have extra layers of fabrics that will do a better job absorbing noise.

And don’t just limit them to your windows – adding a full length curtain to your door way can be a game changer, keeping things quiet and you a little warmer too. Win-win.

Use a draught stopper

Like a door sweep, a draught stopper stops noise sneaking into your room through the gap below your door. It’s a straightforward and efficient way to stop sound in its tracks, whilst also keeping chilly breezes away too.

How do you soundproof walls and floors?

Whether you live in a wooden house or concrete apartment block, your walls and floors will be letting noise in. While it may seem trickier to soundproof these parts of your home, it’s actually relatively easy if you get a little creative.

Try out wall hangings

Hard surfaces act as reflectors, bouncing sound and making it louder. A really easy way to reduce this, is to cover those hard surfaces with something soft – wall hangings. The logic is simple: the thicker the material the more sound it can absorb, so go for heavy drapes, thick blankets or tapestries.

Get some bookcases

In the realm of soundproofing walls, they are unsung heroes. They add mass to your room, especially when they’re filled with books. Just like the wall hangings, this mass will absorb sound as well as acting as an extra barrier from noise outside.

Add extra layers of drywall or panelling

If you’re looking for a more permanent solution to block noise, you could add extra drywall or panelling to your home. Use a ½-inch-thick sound-deadening drywall and complete the job with acoustic caulk or sealant for best results. While this option is a bit more complicated, it’ll give you great, long-lasting results.

Use acoustic sealant or foam panels

A badly soundproofed home is like a leaky boat, but instead of water, you’re letting noise in. Sound can sneak through even the smallest of holes, so use an acoustic sealant to fill any gaps in your walls or around windows.

If you’re looking to reduce the noise within a space and get rid of an ‘echo’, acoustic foam panels will do the job. Mount them behind your wall hangings or under your coffee tables – they’ll soak up unwanted sound to keep your home peaceful.

Add rugs or carpet padding

As we know, bare, hard surfaces reflect sound. But a thick, high-pile rug? That’ll do the same job as acoustic foam panels and dampen the noise in your home. Or, for a more comprehensive solution, kit your home out with wall-to-wall carpeting that has an acoustic underlay.

Add upholstered furniture

Upholstered furniture, with its soft materials, is really good at absorbing sound. Larger pieces, like sofas, will do a better job, but if you don’t have space, even adding an armchair can make a difference.

Now, everyone loves a cosy blanket, but adding throws and cushions to your furniture will do more than bring you comfort. Think of them as big, cosy sound sponges – you’ll be relaxing in peace and quiet before you know it.

Keep your home tranquil with Plan-it Windows

If you’ve tried all of the above and are still struggling with unwanted noise, there could be something wrong with your windows and doors.

Our range of acoustic glass keeps the disruptive noise of the outside world where it belongs – outside. And, as an added bonus, they are also secure and extra energy efficient. Now, if that doesn’t sound relaxing, we don’t know what does.

Get in touch with our specialist teams at Plan-it Windows today. We are on hand to answer any questions you may have and help you on your way to enjoying a more peaceful home.

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