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Leaky Door

How to soundproof a room: A guide for tranquillity

In our fast-paced world, having a calming place to relax and focus is becoming more of a necessity than a luxury. But how do you bring this peace into your... Read more

Leaky Door

The different types of windows: A step-by-step guide

Windows are more than just panes of glass that let light into our homes; they’re design elements, energy-saving tools, and gateways to the world outside. Whether you're renovating, building anew,... Read more

Leaky Door

How to fix a leaky door

Is your door driving you crazy with its incessant dripping and puddles of water on the floor? Don't worry, fixing a leaky door is easier than you think with a... Read more

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Smashed Window

10 Types Of Glass For Your Windows

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Do You Need Planning Permission For A Conservatory?

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How To Fix A Leaky Window

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Can You Paint PVC Windows and Doors?

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Window Condensation

How Long Does Double Glazing Last For?

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We have a host of accreditations to our name, including being one of the few approved suppliers of Rockdoor designs and installations in the North West, so you know that when you choose Plan-it Windows, you are making a sound investment in world-class products and services.

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Everything spot on

Built 3 houses, was recommended Plan-it by a friend of the family, gave them a try and will be using them again. No hassle, left them too it, everything spot on. Houses look great.

Mr Hilton - Tong Moor

Really friendly & really efficient

Suffered a burglary and so needed new French doors ASAP, received a flyer through the door the week before which was lucky, gave them a call, really friendly, really efficient and cheap too, they did everything quickly due to my circumstances. First class Plan-it. Thanks guys

Miss McDonald - Darcy Lever

Over the moon with the installation

A friend told me about the service from Plan-it and I give them a ring. They came on time and didn’t take ages, price was really really good and we are over the moon with installation as we was told 3 days and they was done in two. One of best buys I’ve ever made.

Mr Hynes - Bolton

Very thorough & very friendly

Great set of lads, very thorough and very very friendly, straight forward explained everything dead simple, no fancy jargon or strategies, just good customer service and real easy. Windows look great and the bi-fold is amazing.

Mr & Mrs McCormack - Astley Bridge