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    Composite doors with a choice of unique shades, effects and textures

    Choose from an extensive range of classic and captivating colours for your Rochdale home. From timeless shades to modern finishes, our composite doors offer a versatile palette to suit your preferences. You can even customise the colour to match your existing windows and complement the overall style of your residence. Discover the perfect colour palette for your doorway, adding a touch of personalisation and charm to your Rochdale home.





    Chartwell Green

    Chartwell Green

    Irish Oak

    Irish Oak

    Light Oak

    Light Oak



    Slate Grey

    Slate Grey

    Anthracite Grey

    Anthracite Grey



    Sapphire Blue

    Sapphire Blue

    Emerald Green

    Emerald Green

    Ruby Red

    Ruby Red

    Agate Grey

    Agate Grey


    Existing composite door installations in Rochdale

    Explore our extensive range of composite doors in Rochdale, thoughtfully designed with homeowners in mind. This highly sought-after collection not only meets the highest performance standards but also offers exceptional glazing and finishes for optimum efficiency and strength. Take a moment to browse through our showcased examples, showcasing our impeccable craftsmanship, and find inspiration for your own project. Experience the quality and attention to detail that sets our composite doors apart in Rochdale.

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    A closer look at our world-class door products

    Embarking on home improvements is a significant undertaking, requiring careful consideration of all the details. At Plan-it Windows, we prioritise openness and transparency, providing you with comprehensive information and in-depth specifications. To access detailed insights on our range, we invite you to download additional media from the following brochures. Gain a deeper understanding of our offerings to make informed decisions for your Rochdale home.

    Ultra-secure and energy-efficient composite doors in Rochdale

    As Rochdale homeowners prioritise energy consumption, the demand for composite doors continues to surge. In line with this, we have partnered with Rockdoor, renowned for their top-tier composite door systems. With a significantly thicker profile compared to standard PVC panel doors,

    Rockdoor products feature a robust glass-reinforced plastic skin that ensures remarkable durability, exceptional definition, and long-lasting performance. Not only are they incredibly sturdy, but they also offer unparalleled thermal efficiency and heat retention for your home. Experience the best-of-the-best in composite door systems with Rockdoor, enhancing both the security and energy efficiency of your Rochdale residence.

    Design your ideal composite door for your Rochdale home

    Can't find your desired colour combination at our Bolton showrooms in Rochdale? Don't worry, we've got you covered! We offer customised design options where you can create your own unique colour combination. Make a bold statement on the exterior of your home while perfectly complementing your interior décor.

    In addition to dual colours, we provide a wide selection of glass designs and wood grain options. Achieve the weather-proof and secure front door of your dreams with our personalised solutions. Explore endless possibilities for your Rochdale residence with our customisable composite doors.

    Key features

    • Exceptional thermal efficiency
    • Leak & draught free
    • Burglar-proof composition
    • Innovative doorway technology
    • Extremely low maintenance
    • Wood with glass-reinforced plastic blend

    Front doors with composite construction

    When it comes to securing and sealing your home against the elements then our composite doors are the only choice. The teams at our two Bolton showrooms have been advising, designing, supplying, and installing composite doors in and around Rochdale, Balderstone, Milnrow and Castleton for over twenty years. Get in touch for more information on our composite and Rockdoor installations today.

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    Chartwell green composite door close up

    Composite Door FAQs

    What are Rock doors?

    With over 20 years of industry leadership, Rockdoor stands at the forefront of the composite door market. Each door is meticulously crafted, prioritising safety, energy efficiency, and style. Unlike some companies that cut doors to fit, compromising their strength, our composite doors are made-to-measure, tailored precisely to your specifications and requirements. Experience the superior quality and personalised touch of our composite doors in Rochdale, designed to elevate both functionality and aesthetics.

    What is a composite door?

    Composite doors are uniquely constructed from a blend of materials, typically including a solid timber core, glass-reinforced plastic, and even uPVC. This combination yields a door of exceptional strength and durability. Experience the robustness and longevity of composite doors in Rochdale, where our carefully crafted blend of materials ensures unparalleled reliability and resilience. Invest in a door that stands the test of time and enhances the security of your home.

    What is the difference between uPVC and composite doors?

    When comparing uPVC and composite doors in Rochdale, the key difference lies in their construction materials. uPVC doors are made solely from durable and resilient uPVC plastic. In contrast, composite doors are crafted from a combination of materials, including a solid timber core, glass-reinforced polyester (GRP) skins, and a uPVC frame. Although composite doors often come at a higher price, their popularity has soared due to their enduring structure and exceptional strength. Invest in the long-lasting reliability and robustness of composite doors for your Rochdale residence.

    How long do composite doors last?

    Composite doors in Rochdale boast an impressive lifespan of over 30 years on average. At Plan-it Windows, we offer Rockdoor composite doors with a hassle-free 10-year guarantee to ensure your peace of mind. Rest assured that in the unlikely event of any issues, our dedicated team is ready to provide assistance. Experience the longevity and quality of Rockdoor composite doors, enhancing the security and aesthetics of your Rochdale home.

    Will the colours of composite doors fade over time?

    At Plan-It Windows, we prioritise enduring aesthetics for your Rochdale composite doors. Our carefully chosen materials guarantee long-lasting colour durability. While some fading or colour change is natural over time, our composite doors are engineered to resist such effects, maintaining their vibrant appearance for years to come. For further details, don’t hesitate to contact us. Discover composite doors that bring lasting beauty to your Rochdale residence.

    How much do composite doors cost?

    Composite doors in Rochdale typically carry a price tag approximately 50% higher than white uPVC doors.

    How do you clean composite doors?

    Cleaning a composite door in Rochdale is incredibly effortless. With our Rockdoor composite doors from Plan-It Windows, a soft non-abrasive cloth and a bucket of warm, soapy water are all you need. A quick wipe with the cloth will restore your composite door to its pristine condition, making it look as good as new.

    What are composite doors made of?

    Composite doors, composed of materials like timber, uPVC, and insulating foam, offer a superior combination of strength and energy efficiency compared to traditional timber or uPVC doors. At Plan-It Windows, we take pride in being a trusted installer of Rockdoor composite doors in Rochdale.

    How secure are Rockdoors?

    Rockdoor composite doors in Rochdale boast an advanced locking system with multipoint hooks, a deadbolt, and a highly secure locking cylinder. These robust features are meticulously engineered to resist drilling, snapping, and forced entry attempts.

    Additionally, our composite doors carry the prestigious Secured by Design accreditation, an initiative endorsed by the UK Police Service. This recognition underscores our doors’ adherence to stringent security standards, providing you with peace of mind and added protection for your Rochdale home.

    How energy efficient are Rockdoors?

    The Rockdoor composite door in Rochdale is a result of meticulous engineering, with each component working in perfect harmony for exceptional energy ratings. From the uPVC skin and thermally efficient features to the reinforced frame and glass polyurethane core, every detail is precision-engineered to deliver optimal performance.

    How strong are composite doors?

    Composite doors in Rochdale offer exceptional strength and durability due to the robust materials used in their construction. These doors are noticeably thicker than uPVC alternatives and feature a resilient glass-reinforced plastic skin, ensuring long-lasting performance and longevity.

    Can composite doors help lower my energy bills?

    A composite door installation in Rochdale guarantees excellent thermal efficiency, eliminating cold spots and preventing draughts. These doors are highly weather-resistant, ensuring reliable protection for your home regardless of external conditions. By choosing a thermally efficient composite door from Plan-it Windows, you can potentially reduce your energy bills.

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    We have a host of accreditations to our name, including being one of the few approved suppliers of Rockdoor designs and installations in the North West, so you know that when you choose Plan-it Windows, you are making a sound investment in world-class products and services.

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    Everything spot on

    Built 3 houses, was recommended Plan-it by a friend of the family, gave them a try and will be using them again. No hassle, left them too it, everything spot on. Houses look great.

    Mr Hilton - Tong Moor

    Really friendly & really efficient

    Suffered a burglary and so needed new French doors ASAP, received a flyer through the door the week before which was lucky, gave them a call, really friendly, really efficient and cheap too, they did everything quickly due to my circumstances. First class Plan-it. Thanks guys

    Miss McDonald - Darcy Lever

    Over the moon with the installation

    A friend told me about the service from Plan-it and I give them a ring. They came on time and didn’t take ages, price was really really good and we are over the moon with installation as we was told 3 days and they was done in two. One of best buys I’ve ever made.

    Mr Hynes - Bolton

    Very thorough & very friendly

    Great set of lads, very thorough and very very friendly, straight forward explained everything dead simple, no fancy jargon or strategies, just good customer service and real easy. Windows look great and the bi-fold is amazing.

    Mr & Mrs McCormack - Astley Bridge